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From The Ground Up
The quality of any synthetic grass installation starts with it's foundation, just like a building.  First, all existing grasses, weeds and plants must be removed below their root bases.  Next, a commercial grade geo-textile landscape fabric is laid over the bare soil.  Any areas where the synthetic turf will meet "soft" areas like other grasses or mulch beds, a sub-surface edging is used to prevent migration of the drainage sub-base into the adjacent "soft" areas.  

The drainage sub-base, installed over the geo-textile fabric, consists of a two layer crushed stone.  Each layer is compacted until firm. Next, the synthetic turf product of choice is installed over the compacted sub-base and is cut and seamed as needed.  At this stage, the synthetic grass fibers are fibrillated using the necessary equipment and a patented mix of a specially graded sand and crumb rubber is top dressed onto the grass fibers.  This sand/rubber mixture is brushed down between the fibers and will surround and support the synthetic grass blades the same way natural earth holds a live grass blade.  All perimeter edges are then staked.

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