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Since 1998, TURF CONCEPTS has been selling and installing hybrid synthetic grass systems throughout the Southeastern United States. Hybrid synthetic grass is a beautiful, economical and prudent commercial and residential landscape option.

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Synthetic grass gives you the lawn you want without the costly and time-consuming chores. Costs for installation are negligible compared to the lifetime return on your investment. Adding to the savings, a number of municipal water districts offer credits for the installation of synthetic lawns.

It is ideal for all your landscaping needs, offering an unmatches combination of beauty, durability and economy. (more...)

The First Antimicrobial K-9 System…permeable, durable, sanitary and environmentally sound! Eliminate those messy mud holes, discolored grass and worn out pathways. Provide our friends with a clean and sanitary place to play!

Our state-of-the-art synthetic grass pet-products are specifically engineered for dogs. Made with a soft polyethylene synthetic fiber, your pet can still enjoy all the benefits that natural grass has to offer while virtually eliminating all the hard work and labor required to maintain your lawn. (more...)
The same qualities that make artificial grass an outstanding surface for high end lawns also makes it ideal for golf.

Significantly lower maintenance and water costs compared to natural grass, coupled with the elimination of the negative environmental effects from landscaping with natural sod, make our golf grass the right choice for any playing course, backyard, or commercial application. (more...)
Our synthetic grass sporting systems make for a great alternative to real grass offering full grass fields that require little maintenance and a premium surface for the myriad of activities to be played on them! Each type of synthetic sports grass is designed to endure the harshest of environments and provide a level playing field day after day.

Whether your sport is football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse or field hockey, we can provide you with the perfect surface that will last for years to come. (more...)
Growing in demand among architects and homeowners seeking a decorative walk or driveway, artificial grass strips between paver stones, pool decks, and other driveway surfaces gives your driveway and courtyard an elegant look without the constant maintenance.

Our professional installation will insure not only a stunning appearance, but also a smooth transition on your driveway and walking surface that does not require weekly trimming.
The quality of any synthetic grass installation starts with its foundation, just like a building. First, all existing grasses, weeds and plants must be removed below their root bases. Next, a commercial grade geo-textile landscape fabric is laid over the bare soil.

Any areas where the synthetic turf will meet "soft" areas like other grasses or mulch beds, a sub-surface edging is used to prevent migration of the drainage sub-base into the adjacent "soft" areas.